Proposed quarry rattles community members

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A proposal to dig a rock quarry in Columbia is shaking up a few people.

Landowner William Gregg wants to build the 300 acre quarry on land between the Congaree River and Bluff Road.

Gregg's layer is asking the county to rezone the land.

Director of Sustainable Midlands Ryan Nevius says the quarry would diminish the quality of life in that area.

"I have nothing against quarries," Nevius says. "Quarries are useful for all sorts of construction activities, however there is no room inside a city on our rivers, which Mayor Benjamin called our greatest asset, to build a quarry."

Nevius says a community meeting will be held Saturday morning at 11 at 701 Whaley Street to address concerns about the quarry.

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