Protecting your four-legged friends from the cold

Warm blankets and a covered shelter can help dogs in cold temperatures.

Walking is a daily activity for Lodd Havird and his precious pooch Watson. During the day it's cold but sunny and not that bad, still Havird takes precautions.

"I keep him inside and I never let him out, only to let him go out in the backyard when he needs to go out," said Havird.

When they head out to enjoy their daily strolls, Havird says the amount of time they spend outside changes with the weather.

"Two blocks, maybe four," said Havird. "I used to do a lot more--but the winter time especially--a couple of blocks."

"It is extremely important to get animals out of these cold elements because they can develop tissue damage or frost bite, the same as people do," said Veterinarian Dr. Kari Ford.

She says although many animals have thick fur or hair they still need help staying warm this winter; especially at night when temperatures can drop drastically.

"At least get them in during the evening hours," said Dr. Ford.

The veterinarian says with extreme weather, comes the need for extreme care.

"Setting up a lot of warm blankets, provide a covered shelter," said Dr. Ford. "If there's a dog house that will get them away from the wind."

"Pets they are a part of the family, just like a person and they should be protected," said Havird.

It's protection against Mother Nature's unpredictable wrath.