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      Protective mother makes Wild Wednesday a worldwide hit

      A mother Babirusa bit the camera as a WACH photographer was taking live video of her and her baby for Good Day Columbia.

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A protective mother babirusa has helped turn WACH Foxâ??s Wild Wednesday into an international story.

      During this weekâ??s Wild Wednesday, a new mother babirusa thought our cameras were getting a little too close to her baby and gave cameraman Chris Wellbaum a not-so-subtle hint to back off while Tyler Ryan talked with Andrea Mueller an animal keeper from Riverbanks Zoo .

      WACH Fox provided the video to CNN and according to their records, the story was aired by 200 affiliates around the world, including stations in Spain, Brazil, and Poland.

      Every other week Wild Wednesday travels to Riverbanks Zoo to help teach our viewers about the different animals, their habitats, and how the zookeepers care for them.

      Be sure to tune in to Good Day Columbia every weekday morning from 5 to 9 on WACH Fox.