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      Protest filed against Richland County Penny Sales Tax

      Voting machines not being used during the Nov. 6 election in Richland County.

      COLUMBIA (WACH / AP) - An official protest has been filed in Richland County regarding the Penny Sales Tax Referendum on the ballot for the November election.

      A resident of Richland County, J. Frederick Reames III, filed the protest on Nov. 8 on the grounds that the election violated the law, saying one voting machine be provided for each two-hundred fifty registered voters in a given precinct.

      Officials with Richland County confirmed the protest on the Penny Sales Tax. They say the deadline to file a protest from the Nov. 6 election is next Monday, Nov. 26 at noon.

      Richland County general election results show 52 percent of more than 154,000 voters approving the Penny Sales Tax.

      Richland County reported five-hour waits to vote Nov. 6 amid broken machines and questions whether the county held back some voting devices.

      (The Associated Press contributed to this report.)