Protestors continue to camp out at state house

Occupy protestors

COLUMBIA (WACH) - It TMs been almost a month since Occupy Columbia set up shop on state souse grounds; but some people aren't satisfied with the protestors who are camping out there.

State Representative Rick Quinn is one of them.

"It TMs an issue of public nuisance, said the Lexington Republican. "First amendment rights should be protected, I TMll fight to protect them; but I think sleeping there and residing on the grounds is not legal."

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Quinn voiced his concerns to the general services division which oversees the state house grounds. Occupy Spokesman Tim Liszewski says so far no one has told them to pack up and leave.

"This is our state house, but it's also people who aren't a part of the Occupy Columbia movement, and we want to share, be good citizens." That includes sweeping the area daily for litter and keeping their section organized.

"We get together; form a line and police up the area, adds Liszewski. We pick up any trash that might be here whether we drop it or other visitors drop it." With the holidays and the January presidential primary looming, Quinn is worried how South Carolina will be perceived nationally if there are people camping near the state house steps.

"If we don't take action now, at least to prevent the sleeping and camping on the grounds, I believe it will be a bigger problem down the road in January when the national media is here." The movement shows no signs of slowing down. Occupy Columbia officials are going to try and get some veterans together, who support its cause to march in the Veterans Day parade in downtown Columbia November, 11th.