Protests remain peaceful during Republican National Convention

Protestors camp out in what they call "Romneyville" at the Republican National Convention.

TAMPA, FL (WACH)-- Several thousand police officers helped to protect the city this week during the Republican National Convention.

Although protests were surprising peaceful, protesters feel they still got their message across by attending the event.

According to WACH Foxâ??s Darryl Hood, they also hope that in the midst of all the parties and other events that took place over the last four days, that those in attendance heard them.

â??I really want them to know that the system requires a lot of giving and taking,â?? says protester Miguel Gonzales, â??you want to work for the equal right.â??

A town dubbed â??Romneyvilleâ?? was a home base for many of the protestors in Tampa this week.

Many of them vacated by early Friday morning, others are expected to leave in the afternoon.

They set out to bring attention to the issue they car about, including health care and the economy, and they believe they delivered on the effort.

They need to understand that just because weâ??re still poor doesnâ??t mean that they can aid us, says protestor Curtis Hunt, Jr. â??we need their help more than anything.â??

Three protestors were arrested during the weeklong event. The cityâ??s police chief credits the strong presence of law enforcement around the downtown area for discouraging unruly behavior.

Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor says, â??I certainly never dreamed that weâ??d only be making three arrests because there are individuals that came here with the intent of being arrested and frankly they just havenâ??t had the opportunity,â??

Chief Jane Castor also says her officers, combined with several more from other local departments, worked with demonstrators to help the reach their goals all while keeping the peace in the city.

Many of the protestors came from as far as New York and Philadelphia.

A sign of what could be reappearing for next weeks Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

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