Providence Hospital leading SC in heart innovation

COLUMBIA (WACH)- Providence Hospital is leading the state when it comes to heart innovation.

It is the first hospital in South Carolina to implant the Reveal LINQ ICM heart monitor.

The device uses wireless technology to monitor heartbeats for a variety of health reasons.

This monitor model is 88% smaller than the one before it and has more memory.

The procedure to have the device put in is also much simpler than it used to be.

"The incision is about half a centimeter and it doesn't require any stitches. You can do it in an outpatient setting, like in an office if needed to be done. It's minimally invasive. Little to no discomfort to patients." says Dr. Manish Jain, an electrophysiologist at South Carolina Heart Center.

Dr. Jain, along with Dr. Venkateshwar Gottipaty, actually implanted the device in a patient last week.