Pub Politics decides not to release Knotts video

It TMs been a few days since Sen. Jake Knotts appeared on the political web show Pub Politics.

On Thursdays, Knotts made national headlines after using a racial slur to describe Rep. Nikki Haley and President Obama.

The Hosts of Pub Politics told WACH FOX last week they would release the video of the senator on camera calling Haley and Obama ragheads, but no video has surfaced.

WACH FOX caught up with hosts Wesley Donohue and Phil Bailey Sunday as they were wrapping up shooting their latest episode.

This is supposed to be a positive, refreshing look at politics, says Donohue, and we just thought after looking back at the tape, this episode kind of flew in the face of the whole reason we started Pub Politics.

We just don TMt want to perpetuate those types of comments, says Bailey. We started this show to show the lighter side of politics, and what Sen. Knotts said was counter to our goals.

Pub Politics is a weekly web show shot in local bars.