Put your paws together for a good cause

You normally don't see dogs at a hair salon. But some furry guys were out on Sunday for a good cause.

Gore Salon in Irmo hosted the 5th annual "Primping for PAALS Fundraiser." All the proceeds from the event will go to things like food and medicine for the 20 dogs currently in PAALS.

Dogs like Sammy, who are being trained to have some very special talents.

"Sammy is learning skills like retrieving objects for somebody who's in a wheelchair, opening doors, turning on lights with his nose, and up to 70 other different behaviors that will help somebody in need."

says Jennifer Rogers, the Executive Director of PAALS.

Someone like Bob Romer, who has nerve damage that makes it very difficult for him to walk and get around.

He is currently on the waiting list for a PAALS dog and he says one of these special animals will make his life much easier.

"I want the dog to be able to pick things up off the floor that I drop, get around behind things that I can't. Pretty much they do what I can't do with my legs any more."

says Romer.

And Bob is also looking forward to the emotional benefits one these guys will bring him as well.

"I also have PTSD, so one of the things I'm looking forward to is the calming effect that the dog would have on me. If I start to feel lonely or get down personality-wise, the dog will pick up on that and will react to that." Bob says.

All proof that the saying "a dog is a man's best friend" is completely true.