Queens fighting for safer roads in South Carolina

COLUMBIA (WACH) - The Miss South Carolina Scholarship Organization held their annual Miss South Carolina Day at the Capitol this morning. Titleholders from all over the state met in the famously hot city to receive recognition in the State House. Miss South Carolina 2013, Brooke Mosteller and Miss South Carolina Teen 2013, Brook Sill along with the contestants of the 2014 class, also had another bill on their agenda. While holding the attention of state lawmakers, the queens held a press conference in hopes to push a ban on texting while driving.

Miss South Carolina, Brooke Mosteller stating that "A little sparkle" may help get the ball rolling and the ban to texting while driving approved. South Carolina is one of only two states in the nation to have no statewide anti-texting while driving legislation. It is estimated that 3,000 Annual teen deaths, along with 300,000 teen injuries, occur nationwide from texting and driving. Teens being a big part of the Miss South Carolina Organization, it is important to the Teen and Miss Contestants to lead by example. They stepped up to the plate today and signed A Statement of Personal Pledge and Urgent Petition to Pass a Statewide Ban on Texting while Driving.

Joining the titleholders to speak on the anti-texting legislation were the likes of Senator Chip Campsen, Representative Phil Owens, Senator Vincent Sheheen, and many more. The lawmakers gave positive speeches leaning towards a passing in 2014. The Miss South Carolina contestants have created a hash-tag to help promote the texting ban, #RolltextfreeSC. If you are interested in helping the ladies of the Miss South Carolina Scholarship Organization pass the Anti-Texting Legislation, write to your representative urging them to expedite the process.

The Miss South Carolina competition will be held at the Township Auditorium in Columbia, SC with preliminary competitions starting June 24-26. Teen Finals will be Friday, June 27th. The final night of competition and the crowning of the 78th Miss South Carolina will be Saturday, June 28th starting at 8pm. WACH Fox will be broadcasting the competition LIVE.

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