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      Rain and high waters not deterring boaters

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- The rain in the Midlands has led to some high water levels on the rivers and lakes, but that is not keeping people from going out and enjoying the waterways.

      Higher water levels and a faster current turned the Congaree River brown over the weekend.

      Those raging waters are also what led to two sewer overflows Saturday, according to the Congaree Riverkeeper.

      High waters on the Saluda River didn't keep outdoor enthusiasts like rafter Jimmy George from enjoying the weekend.

      "I love rafting, and nothing [is] better than more water for rafting," said George. "The rafting -- the main thing -- you have to have good water, and the water needs to be happy like this. You can see a good flow, and you can see it's talking to you. It has music."

      George says a little more rain can make a ride down the river more exciting.

      "It's more rapids, more skill it takes, and it's also a good workout," said George.

      At Lake Murray, Jake's Landing owner Archie Trawick, Jr., says he has seen water levels rise by about a foot and a half.

      "Well the lake's a bit higher than it normally would be at this time," said Trawick. "We've had quite a bit of rain fall, but they control the lake levels with the dam, so it's not like the river where you get a lot of flooding."

      Trawick says with more rain comes less business for Lake Murray, but on Sunday, some boaters took their chances with the weather to have some quality time on the water.