Rainy summer poses ear threat for dogs

Bella, who is a yellow lab / golden retriever, is prone to ear infections due to her ear flaps covering the canals preventing air from flowing.

Columbia (WACH) -- Summers in the Midlands typically mean extreme heat and humidity under a great deal of sunshine.

It`s also a time that we check on our neighbors and take a few extra steps to make sure our four legged friends are staying safe in the summer heat.

For the summer of 2013, we have experienced anything but typical weather.

From below average temperatures, to record rains, many folks have asked, â??What happened to summer?â??

While many think they can let their guard down when it comes to the safety of their pets due to the lack of heat, there is actually another threat we need to be on the lookout for which is ear infections.

As most of us know when we bath a dog, or take the dog swimming we need to make sure to dry its ears really good.

That also goes for when a dog is playing outside in the rain, or on extremely humid days.

Dr. Tracy Duffner of Cornerstone Veterinary Care points out that dogs that have those long, floppy ears do not get as much air into the ear canal.

Dr. Duffner says, â??The lack of airflow makes it harder for moisture that gets into the ear to naturally dry which can lead to ear infections.â??

Dr. Duffner also noted that a great and simple way to help prevent this is to take a towel and dry your pets ear if they have been out in the rain, or even during days with high humidity.

With rain chances remaining in the forecast through Saturday afternoon it might not be a bad idea to keep a towel nearby for when you take your four legged pal outside.

A few minutes of making sure their ears are dry can save you a trip to the vet and several days of medicine.