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      Rainy weather causing a stinky situation

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - If you enjoy fishing or swimming in the Broad River, you may want to think twice about doing it in the near future, the City of Columbia issued a sanitary sewer system overflow notification Monday morning.

      Officials say that due to the record rainfalls in some areas, sewer systems have began to overflow.

      The affected areas are the 5000 block of Brickyard Road, and the 1400 block of Peeples Street.

      The sewage has overflowed into Crane Creek, which flows into the Broad River.

      WACH Fox reached out to one of the property owners, but was unsuccessful in getting a response. We were able to reach the Public Awareness Coordinator with the city of Columbia Public Works.

      Victoria Kramer says the main problem is the record rainfall, and the fix is to "tighten up the system."

      Kramer explains that by making the systems tighter, the pipes will be fixed to make sure rising waters brought by the rainfall doesn't get into the sewage line.