Rallies heat up first day of Legislative Session


Tuesday was the first day of the 2014 Legislative Session and while there are some big bills on the table, that was almost overshadowed by the rallies that went on at the front and back of the State House.

A coffin on the statehouse steps.

Signs crying out against obamacare.

These dueling views outside the state house are what really caused the heat on this first day of Legislative Session.

From those wanting Medicaid expanded...

"The fact that we're not providing Medicaid is going to shut down rural hospitals around South Carolina and frankly people are just suffering because they don't have enough health care." says Frank Heflin, a protestor wanting Medicaid expansion.

To those who want no part of Obamacare at all, including the Medicaid expansion...

"It's obvious to everyone now that even if good intentions were to be true when they passed the Affordable Care Act, that the consequences of allowing it to take place and take root in our state are overwhelming. Not only is it unconstitutional but it did not deliver on providing affordable quality care." states Jesse Graston, the organizer for the "Choose Freedom, Stop Obamacare" rally.

But that view wasn't appreciated on the other side of the building.

"People who think they are doing a good thing by opposing Medicaid are actually hurting themselves because the cost of healthcare goes up when people don't have insurance." counters Frank.

However, Jesse Graston says he isn't trying to hurt anyone, but rather work for the people by supporting South Carolina House bill 3101.

The bill would declare Obama's health care mandate null and void because the group believes the law behind it is unconstitutional.

"We're not here to say that people shouldn't have quality affordable health care, but we just believe that the federal government is not good at doing it and they're not supposed to be doing it. We want to retain that right as a state to incorporate those provisions for everyone here." concludes Graston.

But for now we will have to see what this Legislative Session has in store when it comes to the future of health care and other important issues.