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      RAW VIDEO - Sheriff: Kidnapping led to high-speed chase from Newberry to Saluda County

      NEWBERRY COUNTY / SALUDA, SC (WACH) - An early morning kidnapping led to a high-speed chase from the Newberry County town of Peak to downtown Saluda, according to Newberry Sheriff Lee Foster.

      According to a report issued by the Newberry County Sheriff's Department, deputies began the chase early Monday.

      Authorities say a citizen called in to report what appeared to be a kidnapping.

      "She stated that she saw somebody in the trunk of the car," says Sheriff Foster.

      Soon after, Sheriff Foster says they received a call from the victim who was in the car.

      The victims accused kidnapper than took over the conversation and warned the 911 dispatcher to tell the police to stop chasing him.

      "The whole thing was wild. The whole thing was bizarre," said Sheriff Foster.

      Foster said Harry Phoenix Davis, the driver of a Chevrolet Impala, is accused of kidnapping a female co-worker in the Peak area of Newberry County and forcing her into the trunk. A chase began and lasted from Eastern Newberry County into the town of Saluda.

      According to the victim, the two worked together at a fundraising business in Greenville.

      Saluda deputies were able to stop the suspect vehicle using stop sticks, which are devices with spikes deputies deploy under fugitive's vehicles to pop the tires and ultimately cause the vehicle to come to a stop.

      Foster said the victim was not hurt.