Red Cross Hurting For Donations

"For two years in a row now, we have struggled with a decline in donations and in June we had a nationwide decline of 10% and here in the South Carolina region, we had a 20% decline in donations in the month of June." reports Jamie Muldrow, the Communications Manager for the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross is feeling the pinch with fewer blood donations being made and they are reaching out to the community for help. So WACH teamed up with some media partners to show our support and try to draw as many donors as possible. The event was held at The Plex at Sandhills Station, and the turnout was great. It brought out completely new donors, as well as veterans.

"I give blood every time that I'm eligible. I give five to six times a year and I like to come to the drives because you get to see a lot of people rather than going to the Red Cross Center, I like to come to these kind of drives." says Liz Thomas, a blood donor at the event.

So if you are on the fence about giving a donation yourself, go on ahead and make the plunge.

"For those people who may be on the fence or may be concerned about donating, it's just a little pinch and it's an easy process, it's a simple process, and it's a safe process. And we just encourage people to just make it a priority. Don't delay. The time to give is now." says Muldrow.