Red Cross ready to respond to wintry weather

COLUMBIA (WACH)-The American Red Cross is ready to respond to the winter storm and is prepared to open shelters and feed those affected by the winter storm that is bearing down on South Carolina, bringing snow, sleet, ice, hazardous road conditions and possible power outages.

"We have not opened shelters although we do have our disaster action team and shelters prepared to open, we will not open shelters or deploy a team until we get clarification that the roads are safe because we would never want to put anybody's life in jeporady, if they do need to be opened then we have the food and the cots and everything prepared to provide support to our communities," says Libby Anne Inabinet with the Red Cross.

Statewide, the Red Cross is working with various state, county and local government officials to determine their needs. Emergency planning is taking place and the Red Cross is positioned to provide shelter when it is safe for citizens to travel.

The Red Cross has shelters ready to open and the Emergency Response Vehicles are gassed up and ready to go. As shelters open the Red Cross will send updates to inform the community on the shelters TM locations.

Additionally, if anyone is scheduled to take a Health and Safety class Monday or Tuesday the Red Cross will contact you to reschedule your class.

The Red Cross also provides a Winter Storm Safety Checklist so that residents can be ready in the worst case scenario.

To make a financial donation to the Red Cross to help people affected by this storm and other disasters here and around the world, please visit The storm may also impact blood collections in the affected areas.