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      Remains of Gabbiee Swainson found in Elgin

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Ten days shy of the first anniversary of her disappearance, the body of missing Columbia teen Gabbiee Swainson was found, investigators announced Thursday.

      "The search for Gabbiee is over, and it's a sad day for Gabbiee's mom and family but also for this community," said Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott.

      Gabbiee went missing from her northeast Richland County home August 18, 2012.

      Investigators were at the location where Gabbiee was buried Thursday night, just outside the Town of Elgin. Sheriff Lott says they will be there for quite some time uncovering her remains.

      Freddie Grant was picked up early on Thursday from the federal penitentiary where he was being kept in Kentucky, according to Lott. Grant then took investigators to the location where he buried Gabbiee after murdering her, according to Lott.

      "I don't want anybody to think that he did this out of his conscience where he felt bad for Gabbiee or Elvia or this community," said Lott. "He didn't do that. He did it solely because his daughter had been arrested and she was facing some very serious jail time. That's what we needed."

      Grant was the sole suspect from the start.

      "It wasn't a who-done-it," said Lott. "Almost immediately we were able to determine that Freddie Grant was the person that was responsible for kidnapping Gabbiee."

      Still, the case stalled for months until Grant's daughter was arrested -- accused of helping him conceal Gabbiee's location.

      "That was I guess the breaking point, as far as to getting Freddie to lead us to where Gabbiee was at," said Lott.

      Grant told investigators he buried Gabbiee in a wooded area near a field just east of Elgin -- a place Lott says investigators had searched countless times before.

      "It kills us," said Lott. "It kills us. It kills us 'cause we failed to find her. Even though we could not have saved her life when she was burried, it hurts all of us."

      Grant will now be kept in Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center and will be in court again soon, charged with murdering Gabbiee Swainson, according to Solicitor Dan Johnson.

      "The most important thing is -- and what our focus was -- and I've said this from day one, once we arrested him, was to bring Gabbiee home, and that's what we're doing today," said Lott. "We're bringing her home. We're bringing her home to her mother."

      Investigators have not yet recovered everything from the scene where Gabbiee was burried.

      UPDATE: Freddie Grant has been chared with Murder in the case, and faces a bond hearing on Friday morning.

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