Remembering Da'Von Capers

IRMO (WACH) - An outpouring of love for for Da'von Capers was shown at Dutch Fork High on Tuesday.

Cars in the parking lot have "RIP 48" painted on their windows. There is also a "RIP CAPE" display on the front gate.

One of Da'von's friends and football teammate also spoke to WACH Fox to remember the kind of person Da'von was.

"He was just a really great guy. He's the guy that always put you in a great mood when you're feeling down. He always had your back no matter what. He was a great football player. Just a brotherly guy. I love him." says Braylin, a football teammate and classmate of Da'von.

And even the staff at the school couldn't say enough good things about him.

"Quiet but funny. Articulate. Great family. Mom and dad - talked to them this morning. Very upset of course with this. But loved by many students and teachers and staff members. And had a great future - bright future." remembers Greg Owings, the Principal at Dutch Fork High School.

A future that was cut short far too soon.

And it's left many students with a flood of emotions in the wake of Da'von's death.

"A lot of sad. A lot of understanding. And trying to find good in the situation and trying to find a place of comfort. That comfort could be a hug. It's really great to see the teachers and how they're showing up, other than teaching, and loving on these students." says Pastor Chandler Bailey, one of the student pastors who came to the high school to provide comfort and counseling.

A love that is also being carried forward by Da'von's friends sharing some of their favorite memories.

"It had to be when one time in practice him and Coach "Chief", our defensive line coach, they went at it. It was really funny because they're like two of the same people, so they butted heads all the time. It was just really funny." Braylin smiles.

A memory Braylin will carry with him as he and the entire Dutch Fork community bond together and try to heal.