Remembering the great men Columbia has lost...

COLUMBIA (WACH) - In less than two weeks, Columbia has lost three of its prominent figures. And what has become very apparent in those two weeks is the legacy these three have left behind will not soon be forgotten.

"Leaders that were so strong as they were don't come along every day. And so that creates a void in your community." says Ric Luber, President and CEO of the Midlands Authority for Conventions, Sports & Tourism.

But that void is slowly being filled by those reaching out to share memories about Ike McLeese...

"I can surely say this, that Columbia is a much better place because Ike McLeese passed through here." says Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin.

"He was able to make sure not only did we save Fort Jackson and McEntire, but we grew those efforts." states former Columbia Mayor Bob Coble.

Memories about Steve Morrison...

"I think he embodied that Shakespeare quotation that he loved, which was 'Stride mightily, but eat and drink as friends'. And that was sort of how he handled himself in the courtroom." says Dick Willis, a former colleague of Morrison.

"He was always about making sure we gave our judge an A+ trial. I want to give this judge, this jury, an A+ trial." says Joel Smith, another former colleague of Morrison.

And memories about Lee Bandy...

"Lee Bandy was the guy who knew everything. He knew everybody, everybody knew him. Wherever you went. In Columbia, as well as in Washington...People from across the political spectrum just thought so much of him and his secret in that was he thought so much of other people." says Brad Warthen, a former colleague of Bandy.

And people obviously think so much of all these men who have undoubtedly left their mark on Columbia.

And left those they touched with a goal to strive towards.

"People that look up to what they did and want to aspire to the level of performance they provided and the contribution they left in the community." concludes Luber.