Rep. Clyburn sounds off on Rep. Weiner sex scandal

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-NY

WASHINGTON, DC" Representative James Clyburn, D-SC, is one of the latest Democrats to speak out about Rep. Anthony Weiner's sex scandal.

Read more Poll suggests that Weiner should keep his job Is sexting cheating? Weiner latest NY lawmaker to fall in sex scandal This comes on the heels of top Democrats urging Rep. Weiner, D-NY, to step down.

"The full Caucus should address this issue when we meet next week," says Rep. Clyburn. "What he does, he does, but I think the Caucus may have something to...say about it."

Clyburn says he is not distracted by the situation, but when asked if he New York colleague had brought dishonor on the House, Clyburn simply replied, "On himself."