Report on Richland Co. election system failures expected soon

Richland County Election Commission adopts S.C. attorney general's opinion on whether the commission has the power to fire Election Director Lillian McBride.

COLUMBIA (WACH) â?? During its meeting Monday, the Richland County Election Commission adopted the state attorney general's opinion that the board does have the power to fire Election Director Lillian McBride.

Whether the board chooses to exercise that power remains unclear. The commission's attorney Steve Hamm is still in the process of drafting an initial report into what caused many of the problems during the November 6 election.

Hamm did answer one question that's lingered since election day and was also brought up during the county's legislative delegation hearing last Monday. The question: how many voting machines were delivered to voting precincts? Hamm says 627 or 628. He's still trying to figure out if that last machine was operational that day.

â??This is not an easy process. It is a time intensive process and Iâ??m very conscious that my thinking and reasoning skills or lack thereof are going to be highlighted in the coming weeks,â?? said Hamm.

Election Commission Chair Liz Crum said â??I wish we could move faster, but at this time we need to get it right and sometimes haste makes waste and we don't want to be in that position. I'd rather take a little bit longer and get it right than have to go do it all over again.â??

Steve Hamm's initial report will be finished Tuesday. The report will be presented at the legislative delegation's next hearing on the following Thursday, December 6. Hamm says there's no timeline on when a final report is expected to be completed.