Republican National Convention underway in Tampa

The RNC is now officially underway in Tampa.

The Republican National convention resumes today in Tampa, Florida, after Mondayâ??s kickoff was cancelled because of Tropical Storm Isaac.

Today is the day Republicans will vote to nominate Mitt Romney as the partyâ??s presidential candidate and Congressman Paul Ryan as the vice presidential candidate. A number of headliners are scheduled to take the stage Tuesday night, including keynote speaker, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina.

As the party takes care of business inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum police continue to deal with protestors outside who want to be heard.

Members of the Poor Peopleâ??s Economic Human Rights Campaign are among the estimated 10,000 protestors in town this week who say they want see the nation to change course on number of issues including health care, education and the economy.

â??You know I feel we all live underneath the same roof and we all live on the same floor so what we do on one side of the house, before we do it, we got to remember how itâ??s going to affect the other side of the house,â?? protestor Donald Butner.

The protestors say theyâ??re going to be in Tampa all week long doing what they can to be seen and heard by many of the nationâ??s leaders who are in Tampa this week. Some of the protestors say they plan on heading to charlotte to send the same message to Democrats during their convention next week.