Residents worried about new call center

Woodcreek Farms residents meet at Pontiac Elementary School Monday to talk about the impact the new Verizon call center will have on their neighborhood.

Residents of the Woodcreek Farms subdivision are worried about the impact Verizon's new call center will have on the community. The telecommunications giant broke ground on the 145,000 square foot facility at Spears Creek Church Road and I-20 a couple months ago.

The call center is expected to bring 1,500 new jobs into the area. "There should be some traffic signals there, and some widening of the roads" says homeowner Todd Walter. Walter says plans for the new call center were a "secret" between Richland County and Verizon.

Walter is leading efforts to form a homeowners association. "We're not anti-government, but we want to see something that is integrated into the community " says Walter.