Restaurants take their shows on the road in Midlands

People line up outside Cromer's in Columbia Wednesday for "Food Truck Food Court."

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Call it a smorgasbord on wheels. Four area restaurants taking their shows on the road Wednesday in Columbia.

Cromer's hosting the "Food Truck Food Court" featuring cuisine from Pawleys, Alfresco Bistro, Artisan Bar-B-Que and 2-Fat-to-Fly Wings.

"There is a wide variety of stuff so if you want something vegetarian, 2 Fat 2 Fly has unbelievable okra," said Cromer's Marketing Director Ashleigh Pash. "If you want straight up meat you go to Artisan Bar-B-Que, but there is a little competition."

Pawley's employee Brittany Woodard about to sample the menu from one of her boss's competitors says, "2 Fat To Fly Wings, the stuffed smokehouse and something with jalapeo, cheddar and cheese in it."

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Woodard converted quickly.

"This is amazing, probably the best stuffed chicken wing I've ever had.

Pash says this is the kind of crowd Cromer's was hoping for when they teamed up with these restaurants calling it a win-win for both sides

"If they were parked downtown near the State House, people wouldn't be able to walk from their jobs, but if they were parked here in one place, we can bring them all here and hopefully someone will walk inside and buy some Cromer's Corn."

Pash says Cromer's officials are considering starting their own food truck.

You can follow each of the companies on Twitter to find out where they'll be dishing out the food.

@PFP_FoodTruck @artisanbbqtruck @2FAT2FLYWINGS @ALFMOB

Have you tried any of Columbia's eateries on wheels? If not, would you consider it? Leave a comment below.