Retiring CPD interim chief not certified to carry gun

Newly appointed interim chief Randy Scott

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Columbia city officials found out Monday that outgoing Interim Police Chief Carl Burke has been without the required weapons certification for the last three years.

Officials say Burke will not be allowed to carry his gun during the final two weeks of employment. Additionally, he will not be able to wear his uniform or drive a patrol car.

Burke announced Friday that he will be retiring October 15. Assistant City Manager for Public Safety Mike King says that decision is not related to the recent discovery.

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King and City Manager Steve Gantt say there should be no form of punishment against them for their involvement in the mishap in hiring Burke without the proper certification. However, they say that's up to the council.

King says citizens shouldn't be concerned whether this type of thing could happen again.

"We have safeguards in place and also a big concern to make sure this was an isolated incident, that's what we are concerned about," King explains.

Meanwhile, a judge swore in Richland County Chief Deputy Randy Scott as Burke's replacement as interim chief Tuesday. Find out more about Scott here.

City officials announced that decision Monday.

Scott says one of his first orders of business will be to look into the training records of all 385 officers under the city's control.

There is still no word on the status of hiring a permanent police chief.

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