Revolutionary New Software Coming to South Carolina

A revolutionary new device is coming to South Carolina that could save your life. Dr. Piet de Groen from the Mayo Clinic has developed software that determines whether a colonoscopy is being done correctly. The only place in the entire country to receive this software is right here in Columbia, at the South Carolina Medical Endoscopy Center. The center was chosen because it has the highest colon cancer prevention rate in the United States, and they are thrilled to be able to provide even better care in the future.

"We are so honored to be the first facility outside the Mayo Clinic to get the hardware/software solutions that he has that are able to demonstrate the quality in colonoscopy. We want the patients to get the best benefit from what they're going through. A colonoscopy is not the most fun procedure. It's a shame to go through it and still end up getting colon cancer because the polyp was missed." says Dr. Stephen Lloyd, the Medical Director of the South Carolina Medical Endoscopy, Inc.

Dr. de Groen will be at the USC School of Business tomorrow night at 6 p.m. to give a presentation on his software.