Reward offered for stolen pit bull

More than a dozen dogs stolen from the shelter were found in this wooded area near Denmark.

Denmark, S.C. (WACH) - Elaine Diamond is still searching for her nephew's pit bull Knolla, the dog was stolen from the Columbia animal shelter last month.

Diamond was posting pictures of Knolla in Bamberg and Barnwell counties Friday, near where the rest of the stolen dogs were found.

"Our concern is Nolla,â?? said Diamond. â??We would like to offer a $1,000 reward; the police we will not involve, no questions asked."

14 of the 16 pit bulls stolen from the shelter were found in a wooded area off Zorn Street in Bamberg County, 50 miles from Columbia. Knolla was not among those recovered.

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Authorities found chains, shredded bark and doghouses at the scene; indicating the animals were likely being prepared for fighting.

"We feel like there's a ring, and one of the places is Denmark, and we probably feel the dog (Knolla) has been sold somewhere else," adds Diamond.

Columbia Police have charged four people in the pit bull thefts including Raven Perry, Dezmon Jones and two thirteen year olds.

Bamberg County authorities were set to serve another warrant on Jones Friday. The two agencies have been working together on the case.

"They were traveling from Bamberg, repeatedly to Columbia, to do nothing more than steal pit bulls, to carry them back to their location,â?? said Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott.

"Knolla is a pet, she hasn't got a mean bone in her body, and all we want is Knolla back,â?? said Diamond.

More dogs were found near the area where the stolen dogs were recovered. The Bamberg County Sheriffâ??s Department says thatâ??s part of another, unrelated investigation.