Richard's Journey: New tumor detected, new battle begins

Pilot Richard

LEXINGTON (WACH) - A Lexington boy fighting brain cancer has a new tumor in the lower part of his brain.

On Friday, Richard's Journey - a Facebook page sharing Lexington's Richard Culliver's journey fighting cancer - posted an update on his condition.

Post by Richards Journey.

The Lexington boy has been fighting a rare brain tumor for nearly two years.

Last year, he shocked his family, doctors and the community when a MRI showed the tumor in his lower brain was nearly gone.

Since then, Richard showed improvement, gaining several motor skills back. He even returned to school and celebrated holidays doctors said were never possible.

Friday's news has seen an outpour of support. People around the globe sending messages of support and encouragement to Richard and his family.

Richard suffers from diffuse intrinsic pontine giloma - also known as DIPG.

This type of tumor is in the lower part of the brain and effects motor skills, including walking and talking, while leaving your memory intact.

According to DIPG, diffuse intrinsic pontine giloma represents ten to fifteen percent of childhood brain tumors and is the most common cause of death in children with brain tumors.

Radiotherapy is the standard treatment for DIPG and studies have shown little to no benefit of traditional cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and hyperfractionated radiotherapy.

Over the past 25 years survival has not improved, with studies showing a less than one year survival rate from the day of diagnosis.

October will mark two years since Richard was diagnosed.