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      Richland 2 interim superintendent says she's ready to lead

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Dr. Debbie Hamm, a familiar face to many within Richland 2, now serves as the district's interim superintendent.

      â??Iâ??m somebody who cares deeply about the school district the teachers and the students,â?? says Dr. Debbie Hamm, Interim Superintendent Richland 2.

      Dr. Hamm has been apart of the school district for more than 30 years.

      She says when she was given this position she couldn't believe it.

      â??Total shock. That was followed by excitement. I work with a great team of educators. We have wonderful parents, supportive community. This couldnâ??t be a better place to be an interim superintendent,â?? says Dr. Hamm.

      Dr. Hamm says the school district is moving forward and focusing on four key factors; learning, character, community involvement and joy.

      â??As a public education institution it is really important, we're developing the kind of public that we want to have as citizens and as our neighbors,â?? says Dr. Hamm.

      Dr. Hamm says she realizes the district will face challenges.

      â??Like other places throughout South Carolina, we have students from poverty that we need to make surer learn, at the same high levels as all of our other students,â?? says Dr. Hamm.

      Another challenge is the amount of students.

      â??Dealing with growth just this school year alone, weâ??re projected to grow about 600 students. Which means we need to have facilities, we have to have faculty,â?? says Dr. Hamm.

      Despite that she says Richland 2, like its slogan is ready to inquire, ignite and inspire.

      Dr. Hamm is already thinking about next school year.

      She tells me a new elementary school will open up in the Lake Carolina area.