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      Richland County Deputies light up the neighborhood for Trick-or-Treat

      COLUMBIA, (WACH) -- Many in the Midlands celebrated Halloween Wednesday with costumes, candy and pumpkin carving, however they also received a reminder to stay safe.

      "We show our presence to make sure people in the communities feel safe," said Chief Deputy Marcus Kim.

      Deputy Kim is also a member of the Community Action Team, and he spent Halloween evening patroling the area and looking out for trick-or-treaters.

      "With everything going on and kids being abducted and things like that I think it does make the parents feel better," said Swandra Johnson, a parent trick-or-treating with her son.

      We spoke with several parents in the area, and their concerns varied.

      They said many of them make sure they go door to door with their children, to houses that are well lit, and they check the candy before their trick-or-treaters eat it.

      "My concern is that other people driving around their kids, because a lot of parents now drive around their kids and they might not see the other kids especially when they're small, I think the lights are a great touch because you cant miss that," said another parent Gloria Netro.

      During the patrol Deputy Kim was handing out glow sticks to trick-or-treaters, to help light up the neighborhood.

      The glow sticks helped trick-or-treaters stand out, but the prescence of Richland County Sheriff's Department was comforting enough for some parents.

      "They'll keep away some of the guys that are not wanted in the area...that are not trick-or-treating. It will throw up a flag and definately feel safer," said Roger Hilton, who was passing out candy to trick-or-treaters.