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      Richland County Election Director announces resignation

      COLUMBIA (WACH) - The Executive Director of the Richland County Elections and Voter Registration Office announced Thursday she will be resigning from her position this month.

      Lillian McBride's resignation letter was presented Thursday during the Executive Session of the Richland County Election Commission.

      In the letter, McBride fully accepts the responsibility for the election debacle that took place in November. She also welcomes the opportunity to "serve the Elections and Voter Registration Office in some capacity."

      McBride's resignation will be effective Jan. 12.

      Dr. Jasper Salmond will serve as Interim Executive Director of Elections for Richland County.

      A report investigating problems with the election showed the county sent out hundreds fewer voting machines than legally required. Some people waited in line for five hours or more to vote. The final ballots in Richland County weren't cast until after midnight Election Day.

      In December, Richland County's Legislative Delegation passed a resolution asking McBride to resign.

      Liz Crum, former chairwoman of the Richland County elections board, also announced her resignation last month.