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      Richland County elections board chairwoman resigns

      COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- The chairwoman of the Richland County elections board has announced her resignation and says the woman who ran the problem-plagued 2012 election should step down, too.

      Liz Crum announced at the end of Monday's board meeting she would quit the job the next day. She was scheduled to leave the job in March after her four-year term ended.

      "I have read the reports, I observed election day and in my mind after extreme soul searching I no longer have confidence personally in Lillian McBride's ability to manage the office, therefore, I cannot serve any longer as Chairman, said Crum.

      A report investigating problems with the election showed the county sent out hundreds fewer voting machines than legally required. Some people waited in line for five hours or more to vote. The final ballots in Richland County weren't cast until after midnight Election Day.

      Richland County attorney Steve Hamm is still working to uncover what exactly went wrong.

      At the board meeting, Hamm said his team is still searching for answers. He says he would rather take his time with the investigation than be wrong about the facts.

      "Our day would have been different even with the shortage of machines we had on the ground were operating, and I think it's important that we examine and report back why that was the case," said Hamm.

      Hamm expects to have the complete examination after the first of the year. He will also present his latest look into what went wrong to the Legislative Delegation Wednesday.