Richland County kicks off national community development week

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) â?? A Columbia neighborhood has seen some recent changes and will continue to.

Itâ??s all part of the Richland County putting grant money to use in places around the community that need it the most.

Ridgewood neighborhood has some new homes, repaired homes, paved roads, and a park.

According to Richland County officials this is the first time in 30 years Ridgewood has seen redevelopment.

Jule Harris, a long time Ridgewood resident can see the park from her front porch, and feels that the new additions to the area helps residents take pride in their neighborhood.

â??When people come to this Ridgewood Community Park and leave, they clean it up,â?? said Harris.

Down the street from Harris lives 18 year old Kwan McCants. The SC State band player plays the trumpet and often practices outside, sometimes even in the park.

"When I was growing up we didnâ??t have everything nice like this, we didnâ??t have a park just to go down from your house and just play,â?? said McCants.

Richland County held a press conference Monday to kick off national Community Development Week and highlight some of the accomplishments they have had using millions in grant money.

They have also used 2.6 million dollars to finish the Lower Richland Water Waste Treatment Plant, which serves over 3,000 people.

Grants have also been used towards completing the Transitions homeless facility,and to help first time homebuyers.

For more information about Community Development Block Grants, call the Richland County Office of Community Development at (803) 576-2230 or visit their website at