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      Richland County leaders ready to see a change at the Election Commission

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- One day after Richland County election commission board chair Liz Crum stepped down, county leaders are still looking for change.

      Members of the delegation that appointed election commission director Lillian McBride say she should follow suit after a reviewing a report about the elections failures.

      "We really have no other option but to replace the executive director, that's really the only way publics confidence in this whole process will ever be restored", said Senator Joel Lourie

      "This was totally botched and someone needs to be held accountable and that would be the director of the election commission Miss McBride", said Senator john Courson.

      Richland County voters waited up to eight hours to cast a ballot on November 6th.

      After the election attorney Steve Hamm reviewed the issues and in a lengthy report told the board there was little oversight during election day planning.

      The poor planning led to a lack of machines that caused all those long lines in some parts of the county.

      Hamm adding misplaced ballots and the possibility of uncounted votes were also major problems.

      "The right to vote is one of the most precious rights we as Americans have and when people question wither their vote is really counted, we as elected officials have the responsibility to in act change", added Lourie.

      "It's a very simple mathematical computation to run an election and for this to be botched as bad as it was, shows a level of incompetence I rarely see in government", adds Courson.