Richland County Sheriff's Department gives Midlands boy 'one more great day'

COLUMBIA (WACH) - In March, WACH Fox introduced you to Richard Culliver. A 7-year-old boy diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

Since then, the community has been holding events to show its support for Culliver. Today, the Richland County Sheriff's Department got involved in making his dreams come true.

Sheriff Leon Lott invited Culliver to spend the day with deputies to get a first hand look at the department's motorcycles, tanks, robots and helicopters.

"He had no idea, nor did I, that it was going to be this. We knew he was going to get the opportunity to see the tank, but as far as it being what it was, it took us both by surprise," said Culliver's mother Stephanie McMillan. "He was enthralled. He sat there the whole time looking at everything."

Doctors didn't expect Culliver to survive this long after his diagnosis last year. While he continues to push forward, Culliver's family is trying to make all of his wishes come true.

"When you hear your child doesn't have long to live, I did everything I could to try to make sure what time he gets, we build the best memories we could possibly build," said McMillan.

McMillan says her son has a passion for law enforcement.

"His particular wish was to work in a prison and teach the inmates, so to see this for him, it's fulfilling a dream; and it's amazing," said McMillan.

Culliver also received shirts and hats from the department as gifts, but his favorite gift was the bond formed with Captain Joseph Pellicci, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor eight years ago.

"But unlike him, mine is manageable from the standpoint that we've been able to do surgery and different things," said Pellicci. "I'm 52 and he's 7. Something like that should not happen to someone at that age."

At the end of the visit, Culliver got to meet K-9 deputies and even took a ride in a deputies car; living out his dream to protect and serve for at least one day.

"It just fills your heart knowing that he's had one more great day on Earth," said McMillan. "You can't put into words how this feels. It's amazing and we appreciate it so much."

If you would like to help Richard and his family, click here.