Richland County Sheriffs give special students a prom to remember


One of the most important milestones for any teenager is prom.

For students with disabilities, some may never get to experience it but the Richland County Sheriff's Department is making that possible by giving some students a day they will never forget.

Prom all starts with strutting your stuff on the red carpet then entering the grand ballroom at Columbia High School to see all your friends looking their absolute best.

For a particular 11th grader, there was one reason he came to prom.

"Because they have the Nay-Nay dance," says Dreher High School student Cameron Jones.

Jones could be seen busting his best moves on the dance floor.

For a teacher whose been working with him and his classmates over the years, she says this is her students' favorite day of the year.

"You can tell that they're proud and excited when they're dressed up and they just have a blast," says Dreher Moderate Disabilities teacher Becca Smith-Hill.

"Some times our students don't go to their high school proms because you know they're usually later in the evening and they would need someone to accompany them so Richland One has always held a day prom for special needs students and it has gotten better and better every year," explains Richland School District One Special Education Consultant Elizabeth Stout.

The Richland County Sheriff's Department hosts this prom every year and deputies don't stand on the sidelines.

From dancing to taking pictures with students, this prom is like no other and their enthusiasm for making a difference shines through.

"They're just having a good time. As you know usually cops are all tough and looking cool and calm, but something like this just melts our hearts," says Richland County Sheriff's Maj. Stephany Snowden.

Helping to make dreams come true in Columbia.

The decorations and food for this prom was all made possible through donations from local stores and restaurants.

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