Richland, Kershaw voters face penny tax decision

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Voters in Richland County will decide whether to raise the sales tax from seven to eight percent Tuesday. Revenue from the tax would fund improvements to the region's bus system, greenways, bike paths and local roads. If passed the tax would last for 25 years.

The issue is dividing voters throughout the county. "I feel it's a good cause for the people that don't have transportation," says Fred Baxley. Baxley voted in favor of the tax Tuesday morning.

Joy Cameron plans to vote against the tax. "You hear it's going to help us with this and help us with that, but in Sumter when they did that it went to community centers," she says.

Kershaw County also has a penny sales tax referendum on the ballot. Revenue would fund various projects around the county including a new water system for the town of Bethune, oncology center in Camden and a new library in Elgin. Kershaw's sales tax would also increase from seven to eight percent if the measure passes.

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