Rides from Myrtle Beach amusement park for sale

Rides from Myrtle Beach amusement park for sale

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP/WPDE) -- If you're looking for a roller coaster or a flume ride, there are some for sale from a former amusement park near Myrtle Beach.

More than a dozen rides, including Hard Rock Park's signature Led Zeppelin roller coaster, are now listed for sale by

Ital International

, a company that sells new and used amusement rides.

"That's the biggest shame of it all," said Martin Durham, the park's former vice president for entertainment. "That's going away and I rode it personally maybe 50 times, an old guy like me and it was a lot of fun, it really was."

A flume, water rides, a children's playground and a carousel are among the rides for sale. They are being sold separately or

as a package

and are advertised as being used only "two short seasons."

The amusement park opened as Hard Rock Park in 2008 and closed after a season. It was bought out of bankruptcy and reopened the next year as Freestyle Music Park but then it closed for good after the 2009 season.

Durham says many factors led to the park's demise, with the recession that hit right as it opened being the biggest culprit.

Durham thinks the park could have survived, had its second owner not become discouraged after one year.

"I think if Freestyle had stuck it out, if the owner had let them stay with it, I think it would have been successful today."

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