Ridge View High School students band together to bring Gabbiee home

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Ridge View High School students are wearing a new accessory, they're blue andwith the name Gabbiee.

The bracelets are being sold by students, for Gabbiee Swainson who has been missing now for more than a month.

Ridge View freshman, Mackenzie Thompson came up with the idea after she bought a bracelet in middle school to raise money for a peer who was killed in a car accident.

With the help of her mother, sister and fellow students Mackenzie has been selling the bracelets for $2 to students.

"I think it's really cool that everybody wants them and that so many people will buy them," said Mackenzie.

The money from selling the bands will go to a Gabbiee fund for her mother Elvia Swainson.

"Bills don't stop just because you can't be at work and youre searching for your daughter," said Mackenzies mother Brady Thompson.

At first they only ordered a thousand, not knowing if students would be interested and recently they have had to order a thousand more.

"They're kind of everywhere. We have them out of state in Ohio and Florida and North Carolina, and the USC traveling football team will have theirs tomorrow," said Brady Thompson.

It's been more than a month since the teen disappeared and while investigators continue their search, Ridge View High School students will continue to band together.

Click here for information on how to order a Gabbiee band.