Ridge View students push for legislators to provide protection for victims of abuse

Catawba Indian Nation loses domestic violence grant.jpg

Columbia, S.C. (WACH)-- Though domestic violence cases are declining in the state some Midlands students are still making efforts to bring awareness to the issue.

Ridge View High School students are raising awareness of teen relationship violence and pushing for the message of legislation that would provide protection to the youth.

Students from the schools Scholars Academy for Business and Law are seeking an order of protection against domestic violence, stalking, and bullying and other things that makes it significantly harder to get out of violence relationships.

Some lawmakers believe the bill is not only necessary but also very critical in the fight to stop domestic violence in the state.

Some who oppose the bill feel as though the bill could be problematic for young people because of the high penalties for offenses.

Students argue that moving the bill forward will let others know the severity of the issue.

Students say they hope to see the bill passed before they graduate in May.

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