Ringing in the New Year with Word of God Church

A Midlands pastor and his church aren't letting the unstable economy keep them for completing the vision they say they've received from God.

COLUMBIA (WACH) --- Pastor Eric Davis is overseeing the finishing touches at the new Word of God Church and Ministries Dutch Square Campus.

â??The church has the responsibly just as Jesus did to address the issues that effect humanity and so this is the perfect area to come in and offer our ministry, says Pastor Eric Davis, Word of God Church & Ministries.

An area Pastor Davis and others say over the years has seen some criminal activity.

He believes the new church will be a beacon of light for those who may have no hope.

â??I believe that God has anointed us to do this, thatâ??s the primary thing, but than people reach people. The scripture tells us that we ought to go forth and make disciples,â?? says Pastor Davis.

The church was able to build during an unstable economy.

Pastor Davis says divine intervention helped the church to get the millions of dollars needed to complete the two year project.

â??We are not trying to be extravagant. As a matter of fact it took alot of stewardship into this. We didnâ??t haphazardly do this. This has been planned over a number of years. God blessed us to be in the position at the right time, says Pastor Davis.

â??This is a positive step in the right direction for this area. Over the last twenty years this area which was once very vital, had a lot of great neighborhoods, the place to be has been on a steady decline,â?? says Seth Rose, Richland County Councilman District 5.

Seth Rose is the county councilman for district five which covers the site where the new church sits.

He says the church will help energize economic development in the area.

â??Itâ??s going to make steady property values for the community also its going to bring alot of people in that are going to frequent our businesses here and eat at our mom and pop shops or fill up their gas tanks, says Councilman Seth Rose.

The church sits nearly 2,500 people.

There is also an 1150 seat banquet hall, classrooms and much more.

Neighbors like Thomas Coker say in this day and age having a church in a community is a saving grace.

â??The main thing to do is try to reach the people and get them in church and once you can get them in church than I think things will change, says Thomas Coker.

â??We are going to see alot of things that we may not have seen on the other side of town. We are going to be immersed in a culture that is somewhat different so its going to force us to grow it will challenge us to grow, says Pastor Davis.

Pastor Davis says the church is set to have a New Years Eve celebration and the official grand opening of the church will take place January 6th.

Its' a new location for a whole new season.