Riverwalk feels the wrath of Mother Nature

This portion of the Cayce Riverwalk has been closed for about a month.

While skating along the Riverwalk in Cayce, Jeff London TMs favorite route comes to an unexpected stop Thursday afternoon.

"I TMm really bummed because I can TMt get my whole little skate in, said skateboarder Jeff London.

The portion of the Riverwalk from the railroad bridge to Riverland Park subdivision is closed due to flooding in the region.

When the waters receded and the boardwalk was able to be maintained, we found out there was some sections of the boardwalk that had failed because of erosion, said Cayce City Manager John Sharpe.

According to Sharpe, Mother Nature wasn TMt so kind this winter as record rainfall caused some support beams to shift.

It TMs not dangerous and there is no problem with people using that section, said Sharpe.

The Riverwalk is supposed to be flood proof, but that section of the boardwalk failed to meet inspection and is shut down due to liability issues.

It really bothers me because I have to stop in middle of my run when I get to that point, says runner Hannah Howell. It would be nice to keep going and see a little bit different scenery.

The problem has been submitted to a contractor and Sharpe thinks once the repairs start, it will only take about two weeks to fix.

As for Jeff London, he TMs hoping crews will begin working on the problem as soon as possible.

The rest of the Riverwalk is open and ready for traffic.