RNC: A cash cow for Tampa

TAMPA, FL (WACH)--The streets of Tampa are crowded with vehicle and foot traffic, but all businesses and vendors see are dollars signs.

The city is currently the home away from home for those attending the big event Republican Nation Convention underway.

But are all those visitors unwanted guests in a city thatâ??s been turned upside down to the accommodate the Grand Ole Party?

"I know the hotels are all packed, the restaurants, the catering companies, so Iâ??m all for generating cash for the economy here," says Harbortown resident Diana Cooper.

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According to WACH Fox's Darryl Hood, convention and visitorâ??s officials estimate Tampa will take in more than 150-million dollars as result but thatâ??s still not enough to please some who live near the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

"Itâ??s made it really tough to get off the island; traffic is everywhere," says Harbortown resident Jimmy Aulenti, "I donâ??t really think Tampa is the right place for a convention like this cause itâ??s too small it doesnâ??t have the right infrastructure."

Tim Mark, also a resdient in Harbortown, says it's worth it, â??Itâ??s a temporary inconvenience but I see a lot good for Tampa and I think the delegates are going to find it to be a very nice town.â??

Darry Hood will report live from Tampa for the duration of the convention. Look for his updates here at as well as on Good Day Columbia and WACH Fox News at Ten.

Fraendy Clervaud and Katie McKee will give live reports from the Democratic National Convention September 3rd through the 7th.