RNC Chair makes stop in capital city

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele received a warm welcome at University of South Carolina Friday afternoon. The university was one of many stops on his national Fire Pelosi Bus Tour to help Republicans increase their chance of winning in the general election in November.

U.S. Representative Joe Wilson and District 6 candidate Jim Pratt were among attending the rally.

I think this is a chance for us, having come through the wars that we've been through in 2006 and 2008, to reestablish a relationship, for us to reconnect with the American people, said Steele

The focus of the "Fire Pelosi Bus Tour is not only to get members of Steele TMs party elected, but also to remove Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house.

The leadership that's been provided by Nancy (Pelosi) and Harry Reid has not been one that's heard into where people are; it's not listened to them, so we're ready for a challenge and we want to bring that change about, said Steele

With many inside the Republican Party calling for Steele to step down, WACH Fox asked him if he thought his national bus tour would hurt instead help Republicans win in the general election.

Steele said that has nothing to do with anything related to November. We'll have that conversation later on. Right now we're focused on winning this November.

Steele is traveling the country on his Fire Pelosi Bus Tour, stopping in 115 cities in 48 states over the next seven weeks.

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