''Road Trippin''- Gabby's Firewood

Batesburg (WACH)-- When the temperatures drop, there's nothing like curling up beside a warm crackling fire.

For folks who like to use a fireplace, rather than turn on the heat, there's a one stop firewood dealer right here in the Midlands.

In our "Road Trippin" series, I drive out to Batesburg- Leesville and check out Gabby's Firewood.

The business sells shrink-wrapped bundles of wood at area grocery stores. Gabby's also caters to folks who want to get their hands dirty.

"It's a self-service type, where you weigh your vehicle, load up, weigh again, and pay by the weight," says owner David Strother.

Strother stumbled into the firewood business more than 20 years ago. When he was in college he agreed to fill an order. Since then, Gabby's Firewood has taken off.

"I've made it into a career," says Strother.

A lot goes into preparing wood for the fireplace. Timber harvesters dump off tree trucks, and a grabber crane puts them in a machine that cuts, then splits the massive pieces of wood.

From there, the wood is chopped into smaller pieces and eventually makes it into a bundle.

Gabby's is a family-run operation. When you walk into the office, customers are also treated like family.

Strother's mother Virginia has been there since it opened. According to David, she knows everyone in town by name, and greets every customer with a smile.