Robots, cyborgs, and fishnet stockings

M-BORA exhibit at 701 CCA

COLUMBIA (WACH) - The current exhibit showing at 701 Center for Contemporary Art features the work of David Cianni and his vision of heavy metal. The show is entitled M-BORA which is an acronym for mechanical, robotic, organic, recyclable art.

Your first steps into his engineered display will be an indication that this is no ordinary art show, but experiential design that invites the viewer to step into a world that is futuristic yet created with items used in the past. Davidâ??s talent of using metal and mechanical items can be used to embody living organisms can literally create a junkyard dog.

Youâ??ll see sexy cyborgs in fishnets, gas tank torsos and alien type creatures glowing with colored lights. What I love about this exhibit is thatâ??s easily appreciated by children and adults of both genders. As I walked down the space station-like corridors, the word I heard over and over was â??coolâ??, and I certainly uttered it more than once myself.

Another great thing is that there are a few sub-text messages in the show. The most obvious being the recycling aspect, as well as the more subtle and ancient philosophy of blending the yin and the yang, by taking items typically lying around the average garage, and transforming them into lifelike forms.

In fact David, who runs a metal construction company in Aiken, Ga. has plenty of opportunity to make his vision of combining the mechanical and the organic, and we are fortunate enough to experience the result. If nothing else, it gives one hope that perhaps we can actually make use out of our ever-growing collection of outdated and obsolete cell phones, CD players, and laptops.

This exhibition is free and open to the public Wednesday â?? Sunday through May 31.

The gallery is located at 701 Whaley Street on the second floor. For more information, visit the center's website.

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