Rules of the road to keep in mind

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Cars are already filling up South Carolina roadways as Labor Day weekend kicks off.

With all the fun, law enforcement stress how crucial it is to play it safe behind the wheel.

"When you're dealing with cars and trucks, because you've got a mixture and combination out. Large trucks. Many cars. People are travelling. Leave more space and don't cut the other guy off and just be courteous and don't drive distracted." says Colonel Leroy Taylor of the South Carolina Transport Police.

Those "large trucks", or semi trucks as some call them, have four "No Zones" the South Carolina Trucking Association wants you to be aware of.

The first "No Zone" is in the back.

It's recommended you stay far enough behind the truck to make sure if the truck stops suddenly, you can react.

Also, semi trucks sit much higher than regular cars, so they can run over objects cars can't.

You need to be able to see that object ahead of time to avoid it.

When you're passing a semi truck, also make sure to pay attention to which side of the semi truck you're on. Because when it comes to your safety, that could make all the difference.

Dennis Martin, a professional truck driver, says it's best to pass a semi on the driver's left hand side, as long as you can see the driver's face in their side mirror.

"The largest blind spot is going to be on this right hand side. It can go three lanes wide and the length of a truck. You don't want to get caught in the blind spot of a large truck because he may need to move over and he won't know you're there." Martin explains.

The last "No Zone" is in the front of the truck.

When you're in your car getting over in front of a truck, make sure you can see the truck's entire cab in your rearview mirror.

Semis need more distance to stop, so you should make sure to give them plenty of room.

All things to keep in mind to keep the Labor Day weekend safe for everyone.