Running 50 miles in 1 day is for the birds

COLUMBIA / ANTARCTACA (WACH)"I TMm running to raise awareness and funds for penguin conservation, says Dean Schuster of his plan to spend 12 hours running at the Riverbanks Zoo on Saturday. Schuster, who considers himself an ultra-marathoner, expects to run about 50 miles from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, on a treadmill donated by the Columbia YMCA.

Schuster, the owner of True Matter , a local interactive development company, says that an ultra-marathon is any run that exceeds the standard 26.2 mile distance of a standard marathon. He goes on to say he hopes that his crazy idea on Saturday will bring attention to the mission . Crazy seems to be a key word in Schuster TMs mind, in fact on his website , the question is asked if he is, in fact crazy. The answer? Absolutely .

Schuster TMs run is part of his efforts to raise $30,000 for Oceanites conservation in Antarctica, however, his efforts don TMt end there. He will also be one of a select few that will run a marathon in Antarctica on March 9, 2012. According to Schuster, only 50-70 people each year are allowed to make the journey to one of the southern most parts of the globe, and he is only 1 of 2 that have the mission of fund raising.

Oceanites is not the only recipient that will benefit from Schuster TMs efforts. According to Riverbanks Communications Specialist Susan O TMCain, some of the money raised will also go to the Riverbanks Conservation Support Fund . One of the missions of the fund is in Punta San Juan, in the annual guano collection.

Schuster will begin his run on Saturday inside the bird house at 9:00 am, and continue until 5:00 pm, when he will move outside, and complete is goal outside, where Lights Before Christmas guests can meet him, and consider making a donation. O TMCain points out that if a donation is made through the zoo website , regardless of size, the donor will be entered into a drawing for a behind the scenes encounter on Penguin Coast.

Donations and more information on Schuster TMs goal and Oceanites can be found his website, .