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      Salvation Army looks to community for food donations

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - Summer is a season many look forward to, but for the Salvation Army of the Midlands, it's a time period where schools are closed for the summer and children are turning to their families for meals they would normally receive through a school lunch program.

      However, due to the summer season, the organization is experiencing a shortage of food in its inventory, and turning to the community for help to continue its mission to feed those in need.

      "It's not unusual for us to see ten families a day during this time period," said Melanie Miller, Director of Program Services.

      Miller explains hunger as a demoralizing experience one must go through to understand.

      "One of the things that I think contributes to there being a shortage of donations is it's just the individuals in the community truly just don't understand the lack of food that exist in many of the households in our area," said Miller.

      She adds that the population changes during the summer which heightens the need.

      Those changes can range from summer family arrangements to regular donors skipping out on giving to take summer vacations.

      Miller says the organization could use donations such as canned meats and a variety of canned vegetables and starches like dried beans. "One thing we try to do with the food pantry is provide at least food for three or four days to try and fill in a gap, and we usually provide two good bags of groceries per person," said Miller. "We just hope that the community responds to that need."

      If you would like to donate, donations can be dropped off at the Salvation Army Center for Worship located at 3024 Farrow Road.